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Instantly search for anything in a picture by touching it.

It's like a magic wand, but for Pictures.
Send Touchabl app to your phone and set your pictures free!



How do you search for something when you don't know the name?


Well, the answer is not far away. Use Touchabl app to touch it. The answer pops up just like that!


Enough said. Get Touchabl Pictures for Android.

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What's Inside.:'-.

In every picture are 1000 stories.

Shazam for Pictures

Ordinarily, you cannot search for something when you don't know the name; but you can touch them with Touchabl. When you touch pictures in the right places, the right (or desired) results whill show up.

Gallery made Touchabl

Don't waste data uploading your photos online before they are Touchabl. Open photos in app and touch to instantly get information, see related picture/product, comments and share.

Groupie for Business

Share a Product Groupie (a photo containing several related items) and link each item to a real product for sale. Use our touch map to measure which of the items in the groupie is performing to optimize your sales.

Touchabl Camera

Behind your phone camera is the rest of the world. Touch the real world through your camera to interact and discover topics and things that interests you. Just point and touch to instantly search the world around you.

Relive & Rediscover

It's easier than ever to relive your experience and those of others. Discover stuffs you can buy across many stores, combine styles and just be cool. Don't just like a picture, get into it and experience it first hand.

Storified Photos

Tell better stories, without the work. Automatically label stuffs inside your picture and narrate them as one interesting story, then invite others (friends and fans) by sharing it with them. (...coming soon)

The Team .:'.

Far far away, behind the Picto mountains, far from the countries Bit and Map, there live a smart pixel called Touchabl.


Gabriel Eze

Founder / UX Designer

(Pun intended): Picking the lion's teeth after meal; catching bullet with bare hands; joggin up & down mount Everest; fluent in 10,598 language.


Chukwuemeka Ihedoro

Cofounder / CTO

(Pun intended): First person to swim against a giant Tsunami and drive through a turnado. Cobra and other poinous snakes died after biting him.


Mohamed Farah

Cofounder / COO

(Pun intended): Couldn't kill 100 bears with a single punch (though 99 fell at once). Supervised the defeat of Thanos in Wakanda.


Peter Chibunna

Cofounder / Software Lead

(Pun intended): Under no ext influence and with eyes blindfolded, he wrote 217,000 lines of code; it compiled without any error.


Vanessa Osaji

UI Designer/Web Developer

(Pun intended): Skinned a croc alive, and went to heaven to charge my phone. Jumped out of a high-speed jet, landed safely on a football pitch.


Message Akunna

Frontend Developer

(Pun intended): Traveled to space without survival kit. Objective is to 'C' with both eyes closed, but Java makes the eye see sharp instead.


Roseline Crosswell

Community Manager

(Pun intended): Once, a guy asked her for directions to Google Playstore. Her response was epic: "Playstore have moved to Aba."

Media Mentions

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